The no diet diet: what eight months of travel has taught me.

Warning: the below post contains images of foods that some people can never eat, most people shouldn’t eat, and some foods that really shouldn’t be classified as “food”. You’ve been warned. Eight months ago I have travelled from Australia to South-East Asia. From there I went north to China, then further north through Mongolia before…

Will that fit in a backpack?

As I prepare to leave the comfortable abode in this little down-under part of the world, with its pretty beaches, and my close-by family and my much-loved friends, I have been forced to face the junk building up around me to fit my life into a 55L backpack. No easy feat my friends.

Tofu Toast – wheat free, dairy free breakfast treat!

This is one of my favourite breakfasts. It’s jam-packed with good fats, protein, fibre, low GI carbs and tonnes of flavour while being wheat free (gluten free if you buy the right bread!), dairy free, refined sugar free, nut free!

Homemade coconut oil chocolates! Dairy-free and refined-sugar free

I love chocolate. Love it. I love tucking into a delicious bite of chocolate as I sip a wine watching my favourite movie, will killing that afternoon snack craving, while… being awake really! I have tried a few recipes for coconut oil chocolates but this one really simple and delicious from Natural Health Strategies, you…

Potato, Leek and Coconut Cream Soup: Vegan, dairy-free, Delicious!

After spending the last month galavanting around the country side for Christmas, work trips and the Aus Open, I was hanging for some home cooking. We stopped off at the grocery store on the way home the airport and picked up some fresh leek, coconut cream and rice and corn spiral pasta – I wanted…


Why I have fallen in love with Bikram Yoga: Physically: It gets me active I sweat out all the toxins building up from bad-living like alcohol and naughty snacks (yes I still have the occasional bad snack) and toxins from the environment around us in this western-world I get fit-body inspiration from both my instructors…

Product review: “ezyprotein” plus a smoothie recipe! It’s vegan too!

I have posted a little about protein before in my recipe for carob protein balls which you can read here. Protein is essential for developing body tissue such as muscles, skin, hair and nails. Protein can also assist with maintaining weight, recovering and rebuilding tissue after exercise or injury, stabilising moods, increasing energy levels, carrying…

Easy-peasy Dairy-free Vegan Guacamole!

Everyone has their own guacamole mix but this is a guacamole I have been making for years and it’s so quick and easy! Before I was dairy-free I used to make it with sour cream but once I tried tofutti I found it actually tastes EVEN BETTER! At a recent family get-together, I whipped this…

Oven-baked Curried Chickpeas

Snack time! Looking for a delicious savoury snack? Can’t eat nuts (or don’t want to)? Want to steer clear of potato chips, sugar-laced treats and commercial packets with additives and preservatives? Baked Chickpeas may be the answer you are looking for!

Falling off the intolerance-free wagon

I’ve been away for so long! I am still cooking delicious wheat-free and dairy-free meals (nothing new though, except a delicious chickpea, kidney bean and vegetable bake with a creamy vegan-sauce which I may post later!) but I have quite a few confessions to make and the awful side-affects that go with that.