Thought of the day… I have only one body

Biggest thought of the day, is about how people have been saying to me that what I am doing (by cutting a whole bunch of stuff out of my diet) shows great commitment and dedication. Which is a lovely thing for people to say, it’s like recognition that they understand this is a hard thing to do. It is especially lovely to hear from those who know how much junk I used to eat!

I think a lot of people who don’t HAVE to cut things out, ie: who aren’t anaphylactic to something, may think that it is too hard to change their diet or they can’t imagine living without something (I used to think this way about cheese, wine and coffee, three things which I am actually intolerant to) and decide to just keep going the way they are.

And to be honest, that is what I did for a very long time – well I guess that is obvious otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten to this point. At first changing your diet which usually has it’s roots in your childhood seems a massive almost impossible thing to do, but sometimes it can be very easy, and well worth the effort in the long run. A big part of this is knowing what exactly to change and  I hope that I can help in some ways here, or give you the inspiration to find someone who can help you.

It turns out this whole thing isn’t as hard as it seems. It is at first but after a few weeks you start to get used to it and your body doesn’t crave the bad stuff as much. It is commitment, but there is a philosophy behind it.

My philosophy on this has developed into the following:

You only have one body to work with. When this one is broken beyond repair, you don’t get another one. You don’t get a second chance at life. And why not live the best, healthiest, most joyful life you can? EAT RIGHT. It’s YOUR body – Look after it! If you can change your body, mind, and quality of life by changing some of the foods you eat – how is this not an even trade? Is this not worth it? Your body will thank you for it. Your skin will thank you. Your EMOTIONAL and MENTAL wellness will thank you. Your partner and children will thank you. It’s not just a diet – it’s a way of living.

Believe me this way of thinking is pretty new for me. But it is giving me strength to stick to what I know is better for me. And every day it gets a little bit easier, everyday I am forming new healthier habits, and I miss the bad stuff less and less.

Food is definitely to be enjoyed, I know I do – and that is part of what keeps me hunting great recipes and experimenting, because I want to EAT DELICIOUS  for my taste buds, as well as EAT RIGHT for my body. Eating something delicious but that I know is good for me helps me enjoy the food more and also enjoy my life more. And that’s really what it’s about now isn’t it?


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