Sugar-free September!!!

This fantastic and inspriring idea was launched by Cassandra Michelin over at “Choose life, live it, do it!”

This is a great way to find motivation from other like-minded people who may also be struggling to make it through sugar-free september but finding comfort knowing that so many others are trying too. Hop on instagram, track down @chooselifeliveitdoit and tag your september posts with #sugarfreeseptember

For the full story visit Cassandra’s Blog HERE

You guys all know I’ve been doing my best to cut-down / cut-out sugar from my diet for over 6 weeks now. It’s going fantastically! And this is an EXCELLENT way to get started! Just give it a chance! You will be surprised by:

  • How much you DON’T miss sugar once you get over the initial cravings
  • How foods you thought you liked, you actually don’t like without sugar – maybe it’s just the sugar you are addicted to!
  • How much your mood stabilises when you don’t have that sugar messing up your natural balance
  • How much better your skin is
  • How much more energy you have WITHOUT the need for a “sugar-pick-me-up”
  • How those love-handles start to shrink
  • How much better your sleep is
  • How you can be a role-model to your kids and friends to promote a healthier lifestyle

Sugar is in a LOT of things, BUT!!!

  1. You don’t have to eat it!!
  2. Find a substitute! This blog is built on the basis that you can still enjoy the foods you love (actually I find that home-cooked food beats packet junk hands down anyway), yes still enjoy the foods you love but improve them! Make them just that little bit healthier to improve your quality of life.
  3. It’s the REFINED PROCESSED SUGAR that is your MAIN priority in this case- think about it! Soft drink (lemonade has more sugar than coke, and coke already has 6 teaspoons…) what do you need it for? Stop drinking it for 30 days and watch the weight fall off and the mood stabilise. And no coke-zero doesn’t count – the artificial sweeteners in this are worse!
  4. If you can cut-out the main badies YAY! Excellent work for you! I can see it now: Forget the sugar in your coffee, cut-out the soft drink, substitute those biscuits for a protein ball or a coconut cookie give it a go!
  5. Find YOUR inspiration and motivation – is it your partner? Your kids? Your skinny jeans? Your skin? Do you just want to lead a healthier life? Whatever it is, FOCUS on it, don’t forget it, put it at the CENTRE of your thinking and 30 days will pass quickly and easily.

Yes I know that sugar CAN be used as energy, but how active are you? Do you think you are working off the EXCESS sugar or is it making it’s way onto your arse?

Also keep in mind to STAY AWAY from artificial  sweeteners which are NOT better for you!

NATURAL sugars and sweeteners are:

  • Honey
  • Agave nectar
  • Stevia
  • Xylitol (my favorite for baking purposes)
  • Dates
  • Molasses
  • Maple Syrup
  • Fruits (if REALLY trying to cut down, not just on refined sugar, try to limit fruit to 1-2 serves a day because of the sugar content is still quite high)

Even natural sugars should be eaten IN MODERATION! Don’t think that just because you cut-out that can of coke you should go and eat a tub of honey. Yes it will be better for you, but it’s still sugar your body may not need if you don’t use it!

What do you have to lose apart from some toxic side handles? What do you gain? Better control of your emotions, more natural energy, clearer skin, an overall better sense of well-being, and freedom to not be controlled but yet another by-product of our fast-paced, over-processed, artificial society. Take control! Don’t let the food control you! Food is to be enjoyed, and life even more so, and you may be surprised to find that life is sweet enough just the way it is.

For more information on ALL of this, please visit Cassandra @ “choose life, live it, do it!”


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