Falling off the intolerance-free wagon

I’ve been away for so long!

I am still cooking delicious wheat-free and dairy-free meals (nothing new though, except a delicious chickpea, kidney bean and vegetable bake with a creamy vegan-sauce which I may post later!) but I have quite a few confessions to make and the awful side-affects that go with that.

After I reached my three months of completely clean eating as advised by my Naturopath, I thought I’d stay on the clean and narrow. Well I didn’t. I started letting foods back into my diet to test them out, and see how my reactions were. Seems simple enough. But the problem was once I let back foods I missed so much and enjoyed so much that when I started eating (or drinking) them again I didn’t want to stop!

Like Tomato! Oh my I love tomato, I love a delicious traditional tomato pasta (rice & corn pasta though) and even though I then got asthma, and my boyfriend said “Ali, you know it’s the tomato!” I’d say “Oh, well we’ll try it again another night to be sure.” Um, HELLO!!!

I also had the theory going that I know what the outcome is going to be so it’s my fault if I eat it. Kind of like when you drink too much you know you are going to throw-up and have a hangover: it’s self-inflicted. Doesn’t mean it’s RIGHT!

And I tell you what I certainly have the side affects!

A part of me wonders if I’d taken it a little slower, not totally fallen off the wagon all at once if the repercussions wouldn’t have been so bad, but another part of me says that is me being naive again – I just shouldn’t be eating some things. It hurts me because I love food!

I know that I don’t have it anywhere near as bad as some people, and I know that mine problems are intolerances, not allergies (i.e.: I won’t go into anaphylactic shock) but I am putting my health and my life at risk. Silly girl!

My side affects have been:

  • Eczema – painful, itchy, hive-like rash
Hive-like rash, bad Ali!
  • Asthma – I have let it get out of control. One reason i went off the preventative was because I said I could control my asthma by controlling the foods I eat, and I’ve let the food control me, and now I wake up in the middle of that night feeling asthma tightening my chest. I feel it 10minutes after I eat something naughty. I start laughing and wind up wheezing (so attractive by the way). It is said that if you wake up with Asthma, you’re Asthma is out of control. I have a doctors appointment for next week to go back on a preventative. I’m taking my ventolin about 6 times a day and I know that’s not right. It gets me down of course, because I know I was doing well.
  • Moodiness- I’ve noticed Sugar makes me cranky, emotional, and moody. Poor boyfriend.
  • Itchy eyes, itchy roof of my mouth, bad sinuses – some of this is the changing seasons, but I’m sure some of it is me being naughty šŸ˜¦
  • Weight Gain!! *insert wailing cry here* Noooooooo!!!! I lost my saddlebags as an added bonus during sugar-free september and they’re back! And they bought friends! Damn you chai-latte!! Damn you coconut sugar in my cookies!

I’m definitely more sensitive these days to smells, so why did I think that my body wouldn’t react negatively to the banned foods as well?

The saddest thing for me is having to go back on a preventative to get my asthma back under control. It doesn’t make me happy. I was so proud to be able to get off a preventative for the first time in over 20 years, and my gluttony blew it!

My plan is to get my asthma back under control (albeit with the aid of a preventative, mind you the ventolin usage will go down), eat the right foods for my body and keep trying. The benefits FAR out-weigh the good, what have I been thinking? I know what the right choices are, there are no excuses!

One major positive movement is the choice by my little office of my co-worker and my boss to go on sugar-free November. We are took part in the massive sugar-free september crave, and decided a month off was too long – we are doing it again!

Today was the first day of sugar-free November and so far SO GOOD!

Back on the wagon I go, I know it’s the best thing for my body, and I have to live in it so I’d better treat it right šŸ™‚



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