Why I have fallen in love with Bikram Yoga:


  • It gets me active
  • I sweat out all the toxins building up from bad-living like alcohol and naughty snacks (yes I still have the occasional bad snack) and toxins from the environment around us in this western-world
  • I get fit-body inspiration from both my instructors and fellow class-mates: some of these people are so fit and it. Looks. HOT!
  • I can feel and see changes to my body – I can work harder in class, my muscles are becoming tighter, my balance is improving and my flexibility is improving
  • It’s good for my joints after years of high impact sports like cross-country and soccer
  • It’s GREAT for my asthma. You would think that the heat and the room full of breathing people might be detrimental but it’s actually very good for my asthma. In the beginning there are some poses that raise my heart rate and breathing becomes a little wheezy, however then I go into the pose where you twist like ropes and you are focusing so much on the pose and opening up so many areas of your body that my breathing stabilises. It’s amazing.

Mentally and Spiritually:

  • I am learning to allow my mind to slow down, to stop thinking about the past because it’s over and can’t be changed, stop thinking about the future because it hasn’t happened yet, and learn to just be in the moment.
  • I’m learning to quiet my mind and still my body and just be – we pretend to put time aside for ourselves and our fitness: to run, walk, work out, lift weights, cycle, do yoga… but how many of us actually still our mind when we do this? How many of us take the time to realise: We have put this time aside for OURSELVES. We have designated this 90 minutes to US.  So stop thinking about everything OUTSIDE of that class and just still your mind! This is what I am learning, and slowly I am able to let go, and just be – It’s so liberating!
  • It is time for me to be quiet. I don’t speak. It’s a change believe me.
  • During the camel pose where you do the biggest backward bend of the series your whole chest and heart is opened up and your emotions come bursting through, I have been known to get quite nauseous which is totally normal and I think comes from all the turns in my life over the past 2 years. Now I am able to do the pose and let whatever I’m feeling come up. I acknowledge the feelings and release them, let go of them. I’ve even been known to shed a tear during this pose. And sometimes….sometimes I smile 🙂
  • I come out of the classes with a fresh mind and a light heart – sometimes with an insight about my life or the way I think about things in a new perspective.

What’s not to love?

What do you love about yoga or your favourite activity?xx


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