Living In Tolerance is a blog I started to help me deal with my own struggles with asthma, food intolerance and my attitude towards living a full and happy life.

I find it hard to stick to the things that I know keep me healthy, but blogging is a way for me to keep focused and really get into it.

I also wanted to share recipes and information that I find interesting on the subjects of asthma, food allergy, yoga, travel and keeping a balanced heart and soul.

I explore current trends and advice, different “diets” and approaches to health. I don’t like to limit myself to anything specific, preferring to take what works for me, and let go of what doesn’t. My approach to my health and my body evolves with the experiences I go through. The recipes I post will be varied, but mostly it is a Plant Based Whole Foods approach to diet. I want to feed my body what it needs, and exercise in a way that fills me with excitement and joy, while giving time out from everything else.

In short, this is about Living the life you want, in spite of issues that sometimes seem to overwhelm us.

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